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Max Rose

Director:  Daniel Noah

Screenwriter:  Daniel Noah

Genre:  Drama

Cast: Jerry Lewis, Claire Bloom, Kerry Bishe, Kevin Pollak, Mort Sahl,  Dean Stockwell, Illeana Douglas, Fred Willard

Production Company:  Rush River Entertainment, Blackbird Productions, Lightstream and Fabrica de Cine

Status:  In theaters September 2016

Jerry Lewis stars as Max Rose, an aging man dealing with the loss of his wife and the dawning realization that their life together was far from perfect.  As Max struggles to find out exactly what secrets his wife Eva held back, he has to come to terms with his estranged son, his new living arrangements and letting go of his beloved granddaughter. 



The Ticket

Director:  Ido Fluk

Screenwriters:  Ido Fluk and Sharon Mashihi

Genre:  Drama

Cast:  Dan Stevens, Malin Akerman, Kerry Bishe, Oliver Platt, Skylar Gaertner

Production Company:  Rush River Entertainment, Blackbird Productions, Cave Capital Management, Initiate Productions, KatyDid Films and Frederick Touil

Status: Coming Soon


James (Dan Stevens), blind since childhood, inexplicably regains his vision and has to come to grips with his life and his choices.   James becomes obsessed with making a better life for himself. However, his new improvements—a nicer home, a higher paying job, tailored suits, luxury car—leave little room for the people who were part of his old, simpler life: his doting wife (Malin Akerman), his close friend Bob (Oliver Platt) and his precocious son (Skylar Gaertner).As his relationships buckle under the strain of his snowballing ambition, it becomes uncertain if James can ever return from darkness. 

Photo by: Julian Lennon. All rights reserved.  Copyright.

The Price of Desire

Director:  Mary McGuckian

Screenwriter:  Mary McGuckian

Genre:  Drama

Cast:  Orla Brady, Vincent Perez, Francesco Scianna, Alanis Morissette

Production Company: Rush River Entertainment, Pembridge Pictures, Fabrica de Cin, Marzipan Productions and Saga City

Status:  Coming Soon 


The Price Of Desire is the controversial story of how Eileen Gray’s (Orla Brady) influential contribution to 20th century architecture and design was almost entirely wiped from history by the egotistical ‘Father of Modernism’ Le Corbusier (Vincent Perez), and of how her relationship with Le Corbusier's promoter Jean Badovici (Francesco Scianna) fuelled the rift between the two architects, both personally and professionally, consigning her legacy to a century of neglect and long-overdue recognition.


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